Below is a list of Children First/CIS advocacy campaigns and links to key partners and other resources. We choose our campaigns based on our Values, Prinicples, and Policy Directions. Join us in making your voice count for kids – sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on Twitter @CFCISAdvocacy.

1. Promoting investments in early childhood education and care

Our children need access to affordable, high-quality experiences in the first 2,000 days. There about 2,000 days between birth and kindergarten for NC children. During this time their emotional, social, and cognitive skills develop at a pace not repeated in life. Visit the First 2,000 Days website and learn why we advocate for these important investments.

Visit the First 2000 Days Website

2. Promoting smart budget reforms so NC can invest in our children’s education, health, and safety

In the recent Great Recession, our state legislators faced repeated budget shortfalls and made decisions to make deep cuts in important investments like public schools, early education, colleges, health care, and public safety to name a few. To build a prosperous North Carolina, we need to raise the necessary dollars to invest in our children. We’ve joined Together NC in this advocacy effort.

3. Raising the age of adult sentencing to age 18

NC is only one of two states that sends 16-year-olds to the adult criminal system regardless of accusation or offense. Over 90% of 16 and 17-year-old offenders commit nonviolent crimes, yet their criminal record places a  barrier for future employment and education opportunities. We work with the Raise the Age Campaign to change this law.

4. Expanding living wage jobs for county contractors

Full-time employment should be enough to support a family without relying on public assistance. Unfortunately, low-wage and minimum wage jobs do not pay enough to lift a family out of poverty. We partner with Just Economics to promote a living wage policy for city and county employees and contract empolyees.

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